Privacy Policy

We know that you value your privacy and often when you are faced with freely providing this information to an online entity, it may discourage you from using the site. Our privacy policy will clear up any details you may be curious about by explaining the reasons why we require data from you, the manner in which it’s collected, and the manner in which the data provided is employed. The following terms apply to our services unless otherwise noted.

Be mindful that we work with third parties, which may designate different terms. Please be advised that does not designate the terms or create or monitor the content on third party sites associated with our own website. We strongly advise that you research them before visiting these websites or using their services.

Data We Collect

Upon accessing our website, the following information is relevant to us:

  • The manner with which you arrived at our website (how you found us).
  • Your IP and e-mail address and your purchase details.

Upon submitting data to our website, it’s automatically collected. We then provide you with products and services that we believe will be relevant to you. Other data we collect is to more easily identify you, such as your full name, birthday, telephone number, and your e-mail and postal address, as well as your preferred username and password.

To complete purchase orders, it’s required that you provide your credit card number as indicated on the website. The necessary information is indicated by an asterisk, explaining the purpose for our need to acquire this information in the area we provide for you. Optional information is also requested, but it’s not necessary to provide this data if you are not willing. You will be permitted to continue without providing this data.

How We Use Your Data

We store the data you provide to us online, which assists us with more easily bringing you beneficial products and services by keeping this data on record. Providing this information facilitates quicker and easier use of our website for you.

Keeping Your Data Safe strives to keep your data that you provide to us secure. We value your information and your right to confidentiality. We strive to protect your data from theft, loss, theft, disclosure, or any other type of data tampering. Be mindful that we are not responsible for third party data security breaches.

To provide you with more effective protection, we reserve the right to alter our privacy policy terms as we see fit. We strive to make these alterations in the most transparent manner possible. We will indicate the change in terms publicly by publishing the alternation on our website. We advise that you review this privacy policy to ensure that you understand why it’s vital to provide the information we request.

Legal Disclosures

Your disclosure of data is solely subject to release when we are legally required to release this data.

Advertising employs content displayed on our site as a means of advertising. Prior to assuming that the privacy policies of other sites we advertise are similar to ours at, please research these sites and their personal privacy policies, as they may differ significantly from our website. We may also employ Google Adsense for advertising means, which collects cookies and displays relevant data through employing the use of cookies to bring you relevant ads that you may find useful. To learn more about Google cookies, please visit

Other Website’s Links

We often provide links to third party websites with which we work. These third party websites have separate and often very different privacy policies from our own at Their approaches to data collection may also significantly differ. Through we host links to these sites, we are entirely separate entities, which is why we strongly advise that you read the privacy policies of these various websites before providing your personal data to them.

Privacy Policy for Users Under 18 (Minors)

Minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to provide information to our website. Anyone under the age of 18 is prohibited from providing such data unless they have been given consent from their parent or guardian to provide such data. The minor’s parent or guardian must provide the information necessary to allow their minor child to gain access to both our products and services.