Expenditure Spreadsheet Template

With the Expenditure Spreadsheet template, virtually any data stream can be tracked and analyzed for daily normal uses or for specialized purposes. Built on the Microsoft Excel Platform, the spreadsheet can be designed in a horizontal or vertical format. In addition, various formulas can be embedded into the template that will add, subtract, multiply and other basic functions.


Take, for example, the Expenditure Spreadsheet and the ways it can help many people. Designed to keep track of general expenses, the template can be a valuable tool. Dedicating a few minutes behind the computer each day can keep track of key expenses, including personal and business expenses.

Not only does this help with budgeting a person’s income it can be a great tool to provide quick figures such as business expenses for use when filing your annual income tax return.

The Expenditure Spreadsheet presented here can be modified to meet individual needs by simply changing the column labels. If another chain of information is more important to you, then that data can be entered into one of the columns, and the label changed to match the data.

Expenditure Spreadsheet,

Expenditure Spreadsheet Template


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