Monthly Budget Template With Percentage

Simple budget template chops down your income into expenses. It starts by taking your income from all of your sources. Next, all of your household expenses are subtracted from that amount to make up your balance. In a perfect world, your balance will always be positive. You will have more income than expenses.


The monthly budget template is visually alluring. It has blue headers with green charts to provide contrast that makes it easy to read. You can see the percentage of money spent at the top of the template. It is indicated by the green bar.

You can also check out your balance under the summary charts. Your balance is determined by subtracting your total expenses from your total income. Expenses are broken down into 13 categories. The last category is misc so you can account for every dollar you plan on spending or have spent within the month. The misc option helps your balance be as accurate as possible.

Simple Monthly Budget Template,

Simple Monthly Budget Template With Percentage


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