Simple Donation Tracker Format in Excel®

There are many times when it is worthwhile or necessary to ask for donations from people for various causes. There can be national or international disasters or local events such as a house fire. There are often very good reasons for local unofficial donations, such as the family down the street whose home was destroyed when a car ran off the road and roared through the house. Yes, there is insurance, but there are immediate needs that have to be met.


An important part in collecting donations is to get the identity of the person making the donation, and any other necessary information.

The Donation Tracker Format, which is built on Microsoft Excel® 2010, makes it easy to collect the information on a master file and then take “slices” from that file. These “slices” can be distributed on an “as needed” basis. Some will want to use them for income tax deductions.

Others want to use the slice as a goal for a particular group to do better the next time their neighborhood, a church or locally owned business is faced with a sudden tragedy.

These “slices” can be given to the person receiving the donations. Leader of clubs that organized drives to help those in need may ask for a “slice” of the data to see how his group responded to the emergency.

Donation Tracker,

Donation Tracker Format


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