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Budgeting can be a pretty daunting task, but once you start, you will see the benefits. This sample file from Dave Ramsey titled “Quick Start Budget”, will allow you to start the process of budgeting. It is very simple and will give you a better understanding into starting a budget. You can make a budget for any type of expense that you incur, but this Quick Start Budget is mainly for you to see how much money you spend each month on necessities, such as electricity, gas, cable and internet.


There are three steps included in this budget. The first step is to input how much you spend each month on various utilities. The second step is to write the total in the Total box for each category. The last and finally step is to add each total box together and input the sum into the Category Totals box.

See, now wasn’t that easy? Now, you know the total amount of money that you will need each month to cover these expenses.

Quick Start Budget,

Quick Start Budget  File - Dave Ramsey
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