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Don’t you want to see where your money is going each month? Great, then this Monthly Cash Flow plan by Dave Ramsey, will help you along the way. There are four very simple tasks to complete in this plan. The first step is to input your take home pay, which is the money you have each month to budget. Next, you want to list your expenses. Many are already pre-filled for you, all you have to do is input the information. There are main categories, such as Food, Medical and Clothing and beneath these are sub-categories, which are more specific.


You will want to add all of the expenses for each category and enter into the Total box. At the end, there is a space provided for you to deduct all of your Category total amounts from your take home pay. You should have a zero balance, which is what you want. When the month ends, you can input what you actually spent. Now, your Monthly Cash Flow Plan is complete and you can compare what you actually spent to your budgeted totals and make the necessary changes for next month.

Monthly Cash Flow Plan,

Monthly Cash Flow Plan Template Dave Ramsey
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