Monthly Budget Planner Template

Use your income to determine your monthly budget with a monthly budget planner template. This budget template starts by asking you for your total income. Next, list your monthly expenses. You can list your mortgage/rent, gas, car payment, student loans, electricity bill, credit card bill, etc.


It is best to list the fixed amounts first. For example, some electricity company’s offer a budget planning option that allows you to have a fixed rate for a few months. This helps you to create your budget for that bill. If you are not on a plan, you may have to estimate your bill amount if you are planning the budget before the bill is available to you.

This template is very visual. It provides you with a bar that shows you what percentage of your income is used to pay your percentages. There is also a graph to show you the balance after your expenses are paid. The balance can change once you input the actual amount you spend on expenses.

Monthly Budget Planner Template,

Monthly Budget Planner Template


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