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If your income is not always steady, then you need to do some Irregular Income Planning right away! Irregular Income Planning can help you to budget your money without knowing exactly what you will bring home each month. This Irregular Income budget Planning template by Dave Ramsey will help you gain a better understanding of how you should budget.


There are five simple steps that you need to complete in your budget. First, you need to fill in the Monthly Cash Flow plan based on what you expect to bring home or you can use your lowest income from last year. Next, you should make a list of any expense that you could not put on your Monthly Cash Flow plan, but still need to pay for. You will need to prioritize your expenses, starting with the most important and keep a running total. Once you get paid, include any additional income that was not stated on the Monthly Cash Flow plan. The final step is to pay for all of your expenses, according to the way you prioritized them.

Now, you have made a budget suitable for you and your irregular income. By doing this, you were able to prioritize your expenses and budget enough to pay for those items that were the most important.

Irregular Income Budget,

Irregular Income Budget by Dave Ramsey
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