College Budget Planner Template

A college education is a valuable investment, which will vary depending on your ultimate career choice. However, to earn that investment, it is necessary not only to study, but to focus and spend your income, from whatever source, in a wise and prudent manner.


If you have held a part-time job before college, you have some idea how fast hard-earned money can disappear. If it was not necessary for you to work during your high school years and the money available to you is limited, a beginning course in money management is needed.

The College Budget Planner Template can serve as a good guide for a college student to keep track of how much money is available to him on a monthly basis vs. how much he is spending. If your spending exceeds the income, the possibility of bounced checks, high-interest fees on credit cards may be in your future.

College Budget Planner,

College Budget Planner Template


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