Christmas Shopping Budget Template in Excel®

The Christmas budget template is based on a spreadsheet format. Thus, all the user has to do is input the data and a total of what is spent will appear at the bottom. The template is in four columns where you can list the people you want to remember and the gift you want to give. Next, type in the amount you expect to spend. If you purchase the gift, list the price on the template. If you are still considering, list the price with a notation in one of the other columns that a final decision has not been made. Once this task is completed, you will have a reasonable estimate of the total cost.


Then you can decide if the cost is within the budget.

If the total amount is equal or less to what you anticipated, you can, then proceed with the purchases. If the amount is more than your estimate by a significant amount, you have the options of selecting another gift for some of the people on your list, eliminating some, and watching the seasonal sales. Take note of any price reductions that might make what was once an overly expensive gift may be a reasonable choice for a friend or relative.

Shopping Budget Template,

Christmas Shopping Budget Template


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