Christmas Gift Budget Worksheet Template

Already into the second half of the year, the Christmas season is not as far away as some might think. There is a certain pleasure is buying gifts for family and close friends, and that feeling will carry over to co-workers and other groups. However, no one wants a merry Christmas to turn into a season of debt and overdue bills. Thus planning is necessary and the Christmas Gift Budget worksheet template is an excellent tool for that planning.


The process is simple. Identify the people in the various groups, family members, friends, colleagues, service personnel and others who you just want to remember. Think about what the person might like as a gift. Sometimes the best gift might be gift card. In other cases, the better choice may be a box of their favorite candy and for others, clothes, jewelry, tools and more. It depends on the person’s likes and dislikes and your relationship with the person. If the office has a gift exchange party each year, stay within the guidelines. As a rule do not give your wife and mother the same gift.

Just do a little planning and the task of giving gifts will be easier and more enjoyable.

Figure out how much you want to spend on the person, and then find the actual cost of the gift.

Next, subtract the price of the gift from the budgeted amount. If you get a positive number in the variance column, you are within the budget. If the result is a negative number, it means you are spending more than was planned.

However, because one or two items are over the proposed budget, it is possible that those excess expenditures that lesser expenditures for other items, will bring the total budget to where you want it to be.

The total and variance boxes for each group will help you stay on track in spending so that not only will your holiday season be joyful, so will the month after when the credit card bills arrive and there are not shocking and surprising amounts to pay.

Gift Budget Worksheet,

Christmas Gift Budget Worksheet Template


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