Average Family Budget Worksheet

Keeping track of money is one of the hardest tasks faced by most families. There have been many cases, of people asking themselves, “Where did the money go.” Most people know the money went to pay the rent or house note, pay the car note, purchase gasoline, pay school expenses, pay the utility bills and the list goes on and on and on. However, everyone does not know where all the money goes. They forget to count the $4.00 cup of coffee at the local coffee shop. They fail to remember the pay per movie they watched on the High-Definition Television that was purchased with a credit card.


Thus the Average  Family Budget Worksheet, built on the Excel® platform, can be a useful tool. The example here shows a list of expenses on the left-hand side. It then shows the data you enter. With this, the template can produce the percentage value of what was spent on that item as compared to the rest of the expenses.

Using such a template requires a small amount of dedication. The person should sit down at the end of the day and note all the money that was spent that day. Start spending less money and the task will be even quicker. The template is a tool that is designed to help the individual manage his money in the best manner possible with only a minimum demand upon the user’s time.

While family budgets are important, the offer a chance of a new career opportunity, are also worthy of consideration.

The example here shows how a template can be developed that will allow a person planning a movie shoot for family enjoyment, or as a training tool for office training, to develop a method for presenting the needed data.

The template is easy to use. Enter the item, how many items, the cost and in just a few moments a budget for the project can be prepared. The versatility of the Excel platform allows alterations to be made quickly, without destroying any of the data already entered into the document. Whether it a home budget, or the start of a movie production career, these templates can help you meet your desired goals.

Family Budget Worksheet,

 Average Family Budget Worksheet


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