Marketing Budget Plan Template With Chart

This marketing budget plan template to be reviewed is slightly more complex in nature, but follows practically the same kind of pattern, although focusing more on a marketing event that a company will be holding. At the top of this template is listed the total number of attendees at the event, event costs, the price of the event per person, the estimated marketing grand total, and the exact subtotal.


This particular template is also separated into a total of six different columns: primary category, secondary category, estimated quantity, and estimated cost per unit, estimated subtotal and extra notes. Rather than being separated into different sections, everything is listed into one single box, yet underneath each column.

As with the previous example, you can edit the template as desired to fit with your specific needs. In addition, it is also very easy to read thanks to it not being extremely elegant in design, which is a major plus for those who prefer simplicity.

 Marketing Budget Plan Template,

Marketing Budget Plan Template With Chart


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