Budget Proposal Format in Excel®

No matter what kind of a business you run, one of the most important documents that you can have in your possession is a budget proposal. This is a kind of form that you can either create yourself (provided you know what should be included) or download as a template and edit it as needed. The budget proposal format template to be mentioned is similar to the first one, however it’s slightly more complex in nature, as it contains more sections.


Rather than listing information regarding your company, you will instead find a place in which to provide the title of the specific project being performed and how long it is expected to take to complete. Underneath this, you will find various subsections such as equipment, materials, travel, gasoline, meals, etc.

Next to these will be another column for quantity, followed by a third column for percentage of time, and ending with a final column for the total amount of money for a particular subsection. At the bottom will be listed the subtotal followed by the total of all items.

Budget Proposal Format,

Budget Proposal Format


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