Basic Budget Proposal Format (PDF)

This budget proposal format is one that is rather simple to use for your business without having to edit anything. At the top, you will find the name of your business, as well as your business’s contact information (mailing address, telephone number, and email address). It will then be listed that this is a basic budget proposal and will be followed by two different sections: expenses and income.


Listed underneath the “expenses” section will be subsections such as personnel, travel, materials, and other expenses, followed by a subsection where the total amount of money listed in the other subsections will be listed. Likewise, in the “income” section, you will find subsections such as government, corporations, and individual donors, the total amount of which will be added and written in the final subsection.

The “expenses” and “income” totals are then added up and put in both the “total revenues” and “total project cost” areas in the basic proposal format.

Basic Budget Proposal Format,

Basic Budget Proposal Format


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