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Expecting a baby can be an overwhelming time in your life. You may want to go out and buy every adorable thing you see. However, your finances are not equipped to handle an abundance of baby items. A baby budget template helps your sort out what you need to prepare for your baby’s arrival and how much money you have to do so.


The baby budget template is divided into four sections. You can estimate a budget for the nursery and any home renovations necessary to accommodate the baby. The second section deals with transport items such as strollers and car seats. The third section is for your birthing expenses. How much are your doctor fees? The last section deals with mealtime. If you decide to breast feed, you can still have expenses such as a breast pump and bottles.

The baby budget template comes with a legend that allows you to mark expenses that can change and ones that cannot change. The baby budget template is mainly for one time purchases. The mealtime section can include formula prices. You will also have to budget for pampers. However, that is an expense that will forever change.

Baby Budget Template,

Baby budget template 3


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